How to get started with Hand Lettering


Hand lettering can turn out to be both a hobby and a lucrative job that will earn you good package every day. It is not about how much you know or the level of experience. When it comes to hand lettering, everything is totally different what matters is the interest to learn. Technology has advanced and simplified all the problems that come with hand lettering. In fact, there are free tutorials on how to get started online and this gives everyone an option to give it a try. The magic that letters can bring to the eyes is what makes this art beautiful in its own sense.  It is possible to widen, stretch, or make some stylish marks on letters in order to add beauty and bring out a different meaning altogether which creates a visual balance. There is something more to hand lettering as it continues to grow in popularity globally.  It is one of the best freelancing jobs that could earn you money without much hassle since it’s a hobby anyway.

Well, there are few tips that all beginners have to consider before embarking on hand lettering. Once you have the passion and have all it takes to move to the next level, then you also have to consider these steps:

Ignore the myths

It is possible to get some misconceptions that you must have some special pens and papers for anything to get done, but this is false. If you are very much interested in drawing styles, then they are not necessary. When you are getting started do not invest more on the tools than how much you need to train yourself.


Focus on letters

This is as simple as it sounds; always give much attention to letters whenever come across them.  At this point, feel free to do some experiments with letters and get the feeling they bring to you. You need to master different kinds of styles and if possible try them out in a separate book for practice purposes.

Invest in learning

There are many doubts for beginners ranging from which tools to use and how to do it. In order to get all these questions answered, the best you can do is get an in-depth understanding of hand lettering through the tutorials on the internet. There are also some resourceful books that will enrich you with ideas on how to get started.


This is the key secret. Once you have put your mind onto hand lettering, then nothing should keep you back, you can do this at anytime and even draw letters that could give a feeling of love, elegance, fear or whatever you want. This will eventually develop into habits and produce unique art.