How to make money from hand drawn lettering


Hand drawn lettering is the latest skill that has proved to be relevant in the modern world. Making the art of lettering attractive will enable it to stand out and call the attention of those around. Whether it is a billboard or a business card, the way you bring it out matters a lot. Hand lettering was dated back in the 1800s; it is therefore an art that has been evolving with time depending on the technology at hand. All you need to begin with is simply writing the word and this can be easily done by the dip pen technology.

At times, you can opt to use a pen and brush. Once this has been done, get your pencil and make some parallel lines on the opposite side of each down stroke. This should take a minimum space of around 6mm. when this has been done; you will then have to choose the right kind of writing utensil. At this point, you can be creative enough to use some walnut ink or simply a dip pen. It all depends on what you want. When drawing the lines, always ensure that each end has touched the pencil mark while the other end near the down stroke needs to have some consistent level of distance.

Once the drawing has been done, you need to be patient enough to wait for everything to dry after which the pencil lines can now be erased. There are however some tips that will help you get started and eventually start earning from hand drawn lettering technique:

Evaluate the world around

There are different niches of hand written calligraphy and all you need to know is the preferences of those around you. If you reside in a place that has many companies for instance, then you have an idea that business cards will be on demand since there are several professionals as well. Make sure you get your site set up and optimized for local SEO optimization with a Connecticut SEO agency if you live in CT, and New Jersey one if you are in NJ, etc. The good thing about designing is the fact that there are no rules to be followed; you only need to be more creative, persistent and focused in producing the best. Most of the perfect work comes from practice, it’s not therefore offensive to try out and experiment as much as you can before coming up with the right theme for your market. Sooner or later, your clients will come for your creative work and of course pay for it.

Get to the media

Social networking is the key factor for any entrepreneur who wants to thrive. In this case, you need to have an online portfolio that will link you to companies and other individual clients who have fallen in love with your work. Have a professional portfolio and let it fully explain what you are good in, this can be simplified in the form of a cover letter and a resume. If possible get a closer touch with your clients through social channels such as face book and instagrams as this will also build trust and create a bigger networking link.

Be a good time manager

When it comes to freelance work, there is need for more discipline since you will be your own manager, secretary, planner, legal team. This means you need to be more responsible than ever before. Give much value to every aspect of the business contract that comes your way.  Once you have established your own chain of customers, look for ways of getting more and do not forget to do away with petty contracts. Sell your name big and you will get the right kind of clients.

Get inspiration

There is need to add more to what already exists. This means hand drawn lettering, like any other technology needs to be improved or innovative from time to time. Feel free to learn online or from other designers and aim at coming up with unique services as this is the only way your name will sell on top. Develop as well an honest attitude especially while working with people and aim for the best results even while on small projects. Hand lettering skill is more of a hobby but it is possible to turn it into a profession that will eventually make you rich.

Check out this cute little video of a simple 3 word lettering example: