What is “Lettering”?


Lettering is simply an art of drawing letters in the best way that you can choose. Many artists prefer to use certain materials in order to come up with the best results. Since it is an old time skill, a good number of upcoming designers have integrated the modern approaches in order to make it much appealing and creative. Before considering this skill, you need to have a passion and a focus as well. The most basic materials needed for a starter include a ruler and a paper. The main role of the ruler is to help you come out with the overall plot of what you want; this is usually done before sketching. If you are dealing with an informal project, then you need a printed paper. First of all, it is cheap and there is no need for any hard copy once you have it. The Bristol board on the other hand is for the kind of work which needs much endurance; it is normally smooth and has a shiny surface. Finally, if you are cautious on how your lines should look, then a grid paper is the best option; it’s also cheap and can be accessed easily from the stores.

Who can do lettering?  Well, this is more of a hobby and it means anyone can learn when he wants, for as long as you can write, then lettering can as well be that easy, only you will need some materials and tools to give your work an appealing look for professional purposes. When lettering, there are some few basics that should always be followed by the artists:


The art of lettering has become common and everyone can do it in a different way. The best you can do therefore is important to upgrade your skills from time to time in order to keep with the pace of the advancing technology.

Visual communication

Lettering should be able to communicate to those around, much as it can just be a hobby, the message needs to come out clearly especially if its for commercial purposes. Lettering is more inclined to the aspect of design and the designer always needs to know what exactly is needed for the project.

Get focused

There are many ways in which lettering can be done especially on a professional domain; however you have to stick to what you know best.  Once you have evaluated the needs of the potential clients, the best you can do is investing in that field and let no obstacle hold you back. For instance, the designer who is good at making the cake toppers cannot handle the business cards as well since it is a mix of interests.

You can find many places on the web to help train you for lettering. Here’s just one example on YouTube. This is a lettering tutorial.